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Vein Center of Northeast Ohio

The Vein Center of Northeast Ohio uses the latest diagnostic technology and a thorough physical examination to evaluate each patient’s vein condition.



Accurate diagnosis is the most important step of proper treatment for vein disorders. If a disorder is misdiagnosed, then the treatments advised will not be effective. To ensure that your diagnosis is as accurate as possible, the Vein Center of Northeast Ohio uses the latest in technology combined with a careful physical examination provided by a certified professional.  The ultrasound machine depicted to the right is a Terason T3000 Ultrasound System that offers both portability and high-quality imaging.


Physical examination is a very important step in determining the best treatment for many venous disorders. For decades, Dr. Sudheendra has been practicing cardiovascular and thoracic surgery in Trumbull County, affiliated with all of the local hospitals. He has earned the reputation as well as the confidence of patients by listening carefully to their problems and their medical history, which is equally important in determining the causes and proper treatment for patients’ venous disorders.


With the capability to provide direct visualization of the veins present underneath the skin as well as in deeper plains, this device has become an invaluable tool in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins. The Color Flow Duplex Ultrasound, also called duplex imaging, has the ability to provide real time evaluation of blood flow, the size of the vein, the presence or absence of clots, and as a consequence, makes this device a first choice in doctors’ offices for detecting problems with venous disease.


In the hands of trained and experienced personnel, this device is an incredibly useful tool for the diagnosis of vascular diseases. Using sound waves bounced back and forth between two crystals, this device detects blood flow and can be used to determine whether venous valves are properly functioning or not. This information is the key in diagnosing venous diseases as well as planning for the proper treatment and options.


VenoScope and Vein Lite are both useful for diagnosis, and in some cases for treatment as well. With this device, a concentrated light source provided that penetrates into the skin, allowing the doctor to see veins that may not be visible ordinarily at the time of your initial appointment.